Managed Switches

Managed switches – These are ones which allow access to one or more interfaces for the purpose of configuration or management of features such as Spanning Tree Protocol, port speed, VLANs, etc. Managed switches use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to supply the owner with a variety of intelligence regarding traffic flow, operating speeds and bandwidth potentials. Individuals using these networks often share and edit expansive files needing maximum bandwidth for data transfers. With these switches the user can customize each connection, adding and reducing the necessary speeds to provide an efficient system performance. This unique design gives you control over each switch port, providing information about who can access the shared LAN as well as connection speeds and communication. You can activate certain ports when needed and turn them off to prevent outside users from connecting to your network. These switches are designed specifically to optimize security and performance in an Ethernet based system.

The Abhiskynet range of managed industrial Ethernet switches are designed for use in harsh environments and allow you to build cost-effective, reliable, secure networks. With support for redundant rings, PoE (Power over Ethernet) and legacy serial connections, our range can meet any demand your application requires. Our range of managed switches far exceeds normal industrial requirements, with rugged designs to withstand extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference, whether mounted on a DIN-rail or in a rack.

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The switches can be deployed to set up Gigabit connections to desktops to create a company-wide network backbone. Managed switches feature built-in support for remote setup and management. The advanced Access Control List and user authentication function effectively extends the network security coverage from core to edge. The unique Abhiskynet Safeguard Engine protects the switches from the threat of worms and viruses, increasing overall reliability and serviceability.