About Us

Abhiskynet is a business enterprise with presence in the fields of technology and IT Infrastructure. Founded in 2009 as one of India’s original IT garage startups, the Abhiskynet enterprise currently comprises of three companies in India – Abhiskynet Technologies, Abhiskynet Infosystems and Abhiskynet IT Infrastructure with annual revenues of US$ 1.5 Million and over 6 professionals from diverse nationalities operating in India including over 2 points of presence in India. In the technology space, Abhiskynet’s offerings span a wide range of networking software and hardware services, solutions including server & Storage, technology services, enterprise and applications consulting, Remote Infrastructure Management, IT hardware, systems integration, distribution of technology, network engineering, cyber security and telecom products. A new entrant in IT Infrastructure, Abhiskynet aims to provide innovative IT services, products and training to meet the growing demand for quality IT Infrastructure Globally.